5 Reasons You Won’t Go Solar in Florida

Broken Solar Panels by (Erika P. Rodriguez © 2017) - Concept of weak solar panels

5 Reasons You Won’t Go Solar in Florida

5 Reasons Why You Won’t Go Solar In Florida

We’ve been around the Florida area for years, and we’ve asked a lot of people about solar energy. It seems Floridians are still hesitant to go solar, so we’ve taken that and put together the top 5 reasons why you won’t go solar in Florida for 2019.

*WAC = With Approved Credit

Let’s go ahead and get started with the Top 5 Reasons People Won’t Go Solar in Florida!

#1 – Solar Costs Too Much! I can’t afford solar panels.

Money In Wallet Because of Solar Power in Florida

Does solar cost you an arm and a leg? Most of us believe that solar energy will cost us way too much money and so we tend to avoid investing our valuable time and money. The reality of the situation is that Hi-Tec Solar can get Solar Panels on your roof with no money out of pocket (*W.A.C.) and actually put money back into your wallet.

  • Net Metering Laws
    • Electricity that is unused by your household is automatically sent off to the power companies.
    • Power companies harvest and recirculate your solar energy to give to those still on the grid.
    • You and the power company will square up the difference at the end of the year, putting money back into your wallet, just for having solar power.
  • Solar Panels are dropping in price, while electricity rates have climbed steadily by 5% each year.
    • Electric Companies are investing in solar, and reselling it to you! Why not sell your own solar energy to them and make money?
    • You cannot write off your electric bill for taxes, but you get a 30% tax credit for your solar equipment. You do the math!
  • Fossil Fuels are a non-renewable resource.
    • When Fossil Fuels are gone, we will inevitably be turning to solar energy. Invest for the future.
    • Solar Energy Farms produce a large majority of electricity for major power companies. They are ultimately just letting you rent their solar panels, and they have full say over the price.
  • Flat Rate monthly payments for up too 25 Years are going to be significantly less when you go with Hi-Tec Solar. You stop paying when your solar system is paid off!

#2 – Your House is Covered in Trees and your roof is constantly in the shade.

Trees for Shade

Solar panels need sunlight to produce energy, so if your house is coated in trees, at least in the Sunshine State of Florida, you will not likely be able to really benefit from having solar panels.

If your house cannot receive sunlight, you may want to consider the following:

  1. How much am I paying each month for my current electricity.
  2. What months are my bills the highest?
  3. What months are my bills the lowest?
  4. Will it be worth my time in 10 years, to cut these trees down for Solar?
  5. Will it be better to leave the trees up and pay a fluctuating and increasing bill with the Electric Company?

Whatever the case may be, you may not go solar if you have your roof covered with foliage.

#3 – I’m Too Old For Solar Energy, I’ll never pay it off!

Stressed Old Man Without Solar Energy

According to statistics, nearly 23% of Florida is senior citizens in it’s population. A large majority of our older folk honestly believe that they are not long for this earth, and think that solar payments will ultimately be a waste of time, money, and a heaping increase of stress.

What actually happens when you go Solar in Florida with Hi-Tec Solar you get a flat rate bill for however long it takes you to pay your solar panels off.

Rather than playing the guessing game with your electric company, you can take comfort in knowing that you are spending exactly the same amount every month until your solar panels are paid off. That means:

  1. You pay less
  2. Less time spent thinking about your electric bill
  3. Knowing your bill every month
  4. No more electric bills when it’s paid off
  5. You keep getting money from the electric company

Now you know that you are never too old to go solar, especially if you are looking to save money, reduce stress, and spend more time with the ones you love (or the TV if that’s your thing).

#4 – Solar Power is Too Confusing! How does solar work?

Solar Energy for Commerical Use

Solar Power is new, it’s exciting, it’s fresh, and you know what? Not a whole lot of people actually understand what’s happening on their roof, what UV rays are, and to some people, they seem intimidating and unsafe.

How Solar Works

  1. Solar Panels collect the suns energy
  2. The collected solar energy is converted from Alternating Current (AC) to DC (Direct Current) to power the items in your home.
  3. The Electricity then passes through your home’s breaker box to power your homes outlets
  4. Items such as electronics and home appliances are now powered from the electricity you generate from the sun!

What about when I am not using all of my solar energy? What happens to it?

Remember earlier in the post we mentioned net metering?

The extra energy that doesn’t get used by your house for whatever reason, let’s say you decided to turn off your computer, or unplug an electronic. Suddenly you are using a little less of your electricity. Where does that excess or left over energy go?

In Florida, you are still connected to your electric company. This is for two reasons.

  1. At night, your solar panels don’t always generate enough electricity, so the electric company will still power your home.
    1. If you decide to buy a battery for your home, when both are not available, the battery is there to provide the back-up supply to help keep things like your fridge turned on during tornadoes, hurricanes, and power outages.
  2. Net Metering laws require your electric company to buy the energy you produce back from you when you don’t use it!
    1. These laws are still here in Florida and are at their highest return point. Sign up with us before it’s gone!

#5 – Solar Panels don’t last long and break easily.

Broken Solar Panels by (Erika P. Rodriguez © 2017) - Concept of weak solar panels
Broken Solar Panels by (Erika P. Rodriguez © 2017)

It’s true, solar panels from long ago and some solar panels sold today are not always the best quality.

Hi-Tec Solar is different than your typical solar company, and provides

  • NASA Tested Solar Panels  – Yes! These solar panels have been tested in rugged space conditions and currently power NASA technology efficiently, and have over the last 50 years! 
  • Hail / Golf Ball / 120 Mph Wind Tested – We don’t personally hurl golf balls at your solar panels, but our manufacturers sure have, and they withstand a ton of force and damage. 
  • 25 Year Craftsmanship Warranty – If anything happens with your solar panel installation, there is a 25 year period where we will repair or replace any issues with your solar installation.
  • 25 Year Solar Panel Production (80% production) Guarantee – We promise that our solar panels will run at 80% efficiency at the lowest for at least 25 years! We replace any that do not.
  • Live Monitoring Of Solar Panels For You and Hi-Tec – That’s right, you get live tracking of your solar panels, and we get instant notifications of your solar panels not performing as expected. You get twice the security, and many of our customers have fun watching how much energy their solar panels are producing. 

You won’t find these warranties and services anywhere else! 


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