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A Smart Investment

There has never been a better time to go solar on your home or business! You can completely stop paying your electric bill and actually get a check back at the end of the year from the power company. Make an investment that makes dollars as well as sense!

Solar On Your Business

Hi-Tec Solar welcomes a challenging project. We have the very best in-house engineers to design the perfect PV solar electric system as well as a team of master installers to ensure the project is executed to the highest of standards. An on staff five star rep will take care of all of your permits, inspections, questions or concerns.

Value Increase

“Green” renovations made to your home could increase the value quite substantially.

Net Metering = $$$

Once your system install is complete you will receive a new meter from your electric company. This meter is specifically designed to send your excess generated power to the power grid. You will receive credits for all the energy you send. At the end of the year the electric company is required to send you a check for the cash amount your electric credits are worth.


If you are looking into solar power, you already know there is a wide range of ways to lower the cost including no money down, great financing terms, tax credits, net metering and much more. Schedule a completely free energy saving consultation now!

We Are Hi-Tec Solar

Today we live in an electronic age. We can see the proof more and more every day. We use electronics to make the medicines that heal us, build the houses we live in, teach our students, keep our families and friends connected, even our transportation as well as our entertainment use some form of electricity. This along with the increasing population is the main reason our consumption and need to produce electricity has risen to a record high.

In order to keep up with the high demand we have turned to various ways to generate all the electricity needed. These ways include drilling for oil, fracking for natural gas and/or mining for coal, then burning all these limited resources to convert their energy to electricity. These processes do horrible damage to the Earth making the air unable to breathe and the water unable to drink.


The high tech solution to this very high tech problem is Hi-Tec Solar!


We design and build custom state of the art Photovoltaic (PV) systems to harness power from the sun and convert it to electricity that will run your entire household. Being able to produce your very own electricity allows you to stop relying on the utilities company, stop paying that high electric bill as well as putting money back in your pocket all while lowering your negative impact on the environment.


Being able to save money for you and your family’s future as well as saving the environment for future generations is not only the smart thing but also the right thing. Go solar now!

Why Choose Us?

Stop paying your electric bill today

With 0$ down, low financing rates, tax credits and net metering there has never been a better time to take control of your energy costs and cut out the middle man. Go solar now, stop paying that electric bill and put the savings back in your pocket.


We use only the best, high quality, high efficiency, long lasting components in all of the systems we build for you


Conventional methods of producing electricity destroy the environment and are limited resources. Once we’ve used up these precious resources we will be left with a ravaged planet as well as no electricity. Solar power comes from the sun which will provide renewable clean energy for eons to come.

A smart responsable descision for the future of you and your family

There are countless reasons to equip your home or business with a solar PV system. Everything from saving the environment to saving for your future. All the data points to the benefits of PV solar electricity. Now that you’ve done the hard part and made the smart decision go ahead and schedule an appointment with one of our highly qualified energy specialists. All you have to do is make the appointment and we’ll take it from there. Rest assured all your electric bill frustrations are a thing of the past along with fossil fuel .

All roads lead to Solar!

Why solar energy?
Advantages of solar energy:
The cost benefit ratio:
Commercial use:
The Life expectancy:


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